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In the upcoming January 2019 Early Warning Report you will learn about:

Ron Paul's comments about Austrian Economics
Former Congressman Ron Paul "For many years, the Austrian free market economists had predicted all these problems would come, and they were certainly right."
— U.S. Congressman Ron Paul


ALERT! Reduce your risk of paying excessive taxes.

• Wonderful news about the trade war.

• Are you in the hunted class?

• Three major warnings.

• Three excellent speculations.

• This is not a forecast: The cyber war is upon us, and in their manic efforts to hurt each other, governments have lost control of their weapons. Cyber war stocks look more promising every day.

• What really drives political power seekers to treat us like cattle.

• On the importance of tiny acts of resistance.

• The federal government has 72 welfare programs. All are dedicated in one way or another to robbing Tom to subsidize Dick and Harry, to buy Dick and Harry's votes.

• Why a forgotten 1978 book written by a US Treasury Secretary about the real workings of the US government, and what it does to our money, is one of the most important things you will ever read.

• If the trade war does fizzle out in 2019, this will generate a huge stock market boom.

• Updates on the cyber war.

• Update on the border refugee crisis.

•  And more.

The January 2019 EWR emails 3-Jan, and mails 28-Dec